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Moms today are busy … really busy! We are so busy that we often feel overwhelmed. We’re smart women, but we don’t always feel like we are because we aren’t as good as we would like to be at everything we do.

From folding all those never-ending mounds of laundry (Household Maintenance Engineers) and raising children we want to spend time with (Child Psychologist), to figuring out where all our money is going (Investment Managers) and cooking healthy meals in a hurry that both our kids and we enjoy (Chefs), we do it all!

We’re used to being really good at our work and want to be really good at the work we do at home, too. But who has the time for self-improvement? Who has the energy?

We don’t need to be perfect, but we want to get better. Oh, and it would be nice if we could feel great about we do, too.

That’s why we need help. Real help that works! Real help that saves us time, reduces frustration, and solves our problems…so we “Get Good, Feel Great!”

THIS MOM NEEDS HELP! gives you tips, hints and shortcuts that really work from experienced professionals and Real Moms who know.

THIS MOM NEEDS HELP! can help you get better and feel better, too!

Go ahead. Check out a show, get a tip, share a tip, find a professional who can help you!

THIS MOM NEEDS HELP! is for you!

About This Mom Needs Help!

Raquel Leder, Host and Founder

This Mom needs help!

In 2011, I was working behind the camera for a show for Lexmedia thinking “I would love to have a show that helps busy Moms, like me, get better at what they are doing!” That’s when the idea of THIS MOM NEEDS HELP! was born.

I was born quite a few years earlier and grew up in Texas and Australia before making my way to Lexington MA. I went to a bunch of schools (The University of Texas at Austin, Sydney University, Cambridge University, and Harvard Business School) and worked in some pretty interesting jobs (RKO Pictures, BCG, CMGI, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative), but none of them quite prepared me for all the challenges I would face as a Mom.

I have 2 wonderful kids and a loving husband. I worked part time when my daughter was born and then became a full-time Mom when my son was born. After the kids started school, I began to examine all the aspects of my life, from parenting and relationships to fashion, home decor and starting a business. As I was going through this self examination, I wished that I could get some experienced people to help me get better at all the things I was doing in my life. As I started to talk with other Moms, I realized that they were feeling the same way too, whether they had kids who were in elementary school, high school or were empty nesters.

So, the next phase of my life started. I became a producer to make a great TV show and website that tapped experienced people in the community to give quick tips, hints and shortcuts to busy Moms to make their lives better. We are fortunate to have so many amazingly talented people in our community who want to help others get better. And we are also blessed with lots of Moms, like me, who need help!

Providing Tips, Hints, and Shortcuts for the Busy Mom

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