Cathy Delegas



Cathy Delegas LOVES fitness!  It is her passion! There is nothing better than feeling strong and healthy, and Cathy wants every one to feel that every day, like she does.  Over 10 years ago, Cathy began teaching pilates and 5 years ago became a certified personal trainer.  Cathy is now one of the most popular instructors at the Boston Sports Club in Lexington!  Her Tuesday morning pilates class is always packed!  Two years ago, Cathy became a certified Life Coach to help people emotionally as well as physically. Both are intertwined, and it is important to work from both angles, especially if a person wants to lose weight.

In addition to being an amazing fitness trainer and instructor, Cathy is a Mom of two children, a daughter (22) and a son (25).  Cathy was born and raised in the southwest of France and has been living in the Boston area for over 25 years.

To learn more about how Cathy can help you become strong and healthy, come check out one of her amazing pilates classes or sign up for individualized training with Cathy at The Boston Sports Club in Lexington.