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Are you constantly asking your kids to clean their rooms?

Is their mess frustrating you?

Well then, it’s time to go back to the basics of kindergarten! Use a “kindergarten model” to organize your kids rooms:

  • Create distinct zones for reading, sleeping, dressing, and playing!
  • Keep like items together and store them where they are used.
  • Clear containers – bins, boxes, jars – work best for storage so that you can see what is in them. But more importantly, make sure you use containers that you and your kids like the look of, since you are more likely to use them, if you like how they look.
  • When you start organizing, tackle one area at a time.
  • Label, label, label!!! so kids know where everything goes all by themselves.

Want to see how this really works?

Watch THIS MOM NEEDS HELP! to learn how to get kids to keep their rooms clean.


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