10 Tips for Showcasing, Saving, and Sharing Artwork

7 years ago by in Organization

Elizabeth Goodsell, from That’s Neat! Organizing gives 10 Tips for Showcasing, Saving, and Sharing Artwork.

  1. Save the very best pieces to frame and hang in your home
  2. Create a rotating “gallery” area in your home to display artwork
  3. Use a display shelf to showcase special pieces
  4. Laminate artwork for use as placemats
  5. Give artwork away to grandparents and others who love your kids
  6. Turn artwork into wrapping paper or gift cards
  7. Hang art on the wall or the fridge, and each month take a photo of your child in front of the pieces; then get rid of the artwork, but keep the photos in a special photo album
  8. Designate a box for each child to store favorite artwork, and keep only what fits in the box… your child can help choose the pieces to keep (can also use a portfolio available at art stores for saving special pieces)
  9. Take digital photos of the artwork and turn them into a “slideshow” screensaver for your computer
  10. Take digital photos of the artwork, upload to an online photo site, and then create a simple calendar or photo album to keep or share


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