Get Organized Tips

7 years ago by in Organization

1. Use the “kindergarten model” for organizing your child’s room: create zones for reading, sleeping, dressing, and playing.
2. My motto for children’s artwork: Save the best, toss the rest.
3. To get out the door, make sure you have a landing pad for “hot” items like your phone, purse/bag, and keys
4. Don’t forget to use the vertical space when organizing.
5. You are more likely to use containers if you like the way they look.
6. When starting an organizing project, tackle just one area or one type of item at a time (e.g. linen closet, art supplies, or kids games) .
7. Clear containers—bins, boxes and jars—work best for storage.
8. Keep like items together and store them where they are used.
9. Don’t be afraid to break the “rules:” if your dining room is filled with toys and you never eat there, turn it into the playroom.
10. If an action will take less than 5 minutes, do it now! Examples: write an appointment in your calendar, weed junk mail, make a quick call.


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